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SolaraGem provides a fusion of elements that have been used in health and wellness for thousands of years. The result is a combination where the "whole is greater than the sum of the parts." No claims as to the fitness or efficacy for any medical condition are made. Please consult references and guides and research on the individual elements of light, gemstones, and colors to learn more.

SolaraGem falls in the category of "subtle" energy.  Low levels of light are used, and strobing is optional. Strobing can affect those with seizure related disorders. It's non-contacting, and doesn't require any touching of another person, so no special licensing is necessary to use it. 

A Fusion of Light, Crystals and Colors

Discover the way to enhanced relaxation, balance and emotional well-being


Colors affect us at a deeply emotional level, as our existence is saturated in color.  

Crystals and


Formed from the same minerals as found in our bodies, the crystalline structures developed over thousands of years transmit information that affects us at a core level.

Full Spectrum


Mimicking the light of the sun, we use a full spectrum inchoherent, polychromatic light source (not a laser).

Light is the source of all life on earth, and is the foundational piece of the SolaraGem system.

Personal or Clinical Use

We've put together a cost effective way that you can receive the benefits of this technology. SolaraGem is designed to work with an off-the-shelf camera light and accessories that bring down the cost dramatically. 

Discover how you can get started with this amazing system for up to 85% less than comparable equipment

“Clients are so satisfied with the effectiveness of the therapy, they specifically request that I utilize the SolaraGems on them for each visit.   Thank you Mike for a brilliant contribution to the wellness arena. I will be advocating that clients purchase a set for their home use.”

Deborah Haynes, RN

I used the SolaraGem three nights in a row and experienced the deepest, longest sleep I have had in years! I slept so deeply that I had no dreams and woke the next morning literally in the same spot I fell asleep in. The quality of my sleep is incredible now! Thank you Mike for this amazing product!” 

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"After dropping a large hammer on my foot leaving a large bruise and causing extreme pain when walking, I took Mike’s advice to use the SolaraGem on it before bed. To my surprise, the bruise disappeared and I was pain free the following day as though nothing had happened.  In fact, until someone asked me if my foot was ok I had totally forgotten the incident. I’m a believer!


Monique Hawkins, LMT

Dr. Marlene Siegel, DVM

Finally, an affordable way to get the benefits of Crystal Fusion Light

Is it fair to say that the challenge of life comes down to balancing what really matters with what’s necessary for survival? Timeless moments with those you love, out in nature, engrossed in one’s passion - over against the alarm clock, the time clock, the constant demands of keeping the lights on.

The task of life, according to the great sages, religions, and wisdom traditions, is extending this timeless sense of being into the mundane so that all of life becomes “heaven” on earth. The measure of where we’re at with this is “stress.” Moving towards it is “healing.”

Most people don’t want to be healed, they want something “fixed.” That’s why they start from the outside in, at the physical level. That’s why most solutions offered do the same. (Just like most restaurants offer fast food - it’s what the market wants.) It’s not wrong, it just leaves out the “heavenly” element. 

This is the context for starting with SolaraGem. It has to be experienced to be “understood.” Can you use it like an aspirin or an ice pack? Sure, and it will help, but you’ll most likely walk right past the deeper significance of what is going on.  

We’re not here to “sell” you on SolaraGem, but to introduce it, hopefully in a way that will lead you to explore it further, and beyond that, experience it in the context of healing. 

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