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Sound Healing, Energy & Frequency

Moira Lo Bianco is a classically trained composer and pianist who has brought that background into her work as a sound healer. Sound impacts us powerfully, and is an important part of the spectrum of frequency that not only influences us, but forms the basis of all our experience. Join us for this fascinating interview. 

Moira Lo Bianco has been immersed in and worked with sound since childhood; she is a composer and pianist, as well as a sound therapist, meditation and yoga teacher. As both a musician and a practitioner of the healing arts, Moira investigates the mind-body connection through the integration of the physical and the energetic, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual bodies. 

As an educator, she has developed several curricula, bringing mindfulness into her teaching approach. She often presents her programs in collaboration with colleges, public schools, and community-based arts organizations, reaching diverse populations of different ages and abilities.

You can learn more about her at MoiraLoBianco.com

Moira has  developed a sound healing curriculum in concert with the Bioregulatory Medical Institute.

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